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The Company

What is Terra Vera?

Terra Vera produces on-demand antimicrobial chemistry for agriculture and surfaces. Terra Vera’s on-site generators convert water, electricity, and a proprietary blend of salts and amino acids into an organic solution that inactivates many common pathogens (e.g. mold, powdery mildew, and viruses), but is safe for plants, people, and pets.

Why choose Terra Vera?

Terra Vera is an organic, non-toxic, and cost effective alternative to many conventional pesticides. We offer businesses the ability to control their supply chain and utilize an on-site generator to create chemistry when they need it, thereby reducing waste and storage cabinets full of hazardous containers that require special disposal protocols. Terra Vera's antimicrobial solution is versatile: your staff can use it to clean surfaces, HVACs, or treat plants impacted by mold or powdery mildew.

Is Terra Vera a Pesticide?

Terra Vera is exempt from FIFRA (Federal, Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act) as precursors fed into generator are not antimicrobial pesticides.

When will Terra Vera be in my state?

We are working with regulators in each state to ensure our customers meet all compliance, health, and safety standards. Please contact us directly to learn more about our approvals in each state.

Equipment and Chemistry

What is the cost of using Terra Vera?

We offer a monthly equipment lease for our on-site systems. In addition to the monthly lease, we provide a proprietary blend of food-grade precursors to generate the chemistry on-demand. Precursors may only be purchased through Terra Vera. Annual costs may vary by crop, application frequency, and dilution rate. To estimate your costs, please see our cost calculator.

What are the space requirements for the equipment?

Our generators are about the size of a small fridge. We require a minimum of W-5.5' x D-3' x H-6.5' to properly install our system.

What is the active ingredient in Terra Vera?

Terra Vera chemistry is created through electrolysis. Our generators combine water, electricity, and a proprietary blend of food-grade precursors to create a safe, yet effective antimicrobial chemistry. Our precursor blend is made up of salt and mixture of several amino acids.

Agriculture Applications

What crops can this be used on?

Terra Vera can safely be used on all crops, though dilution ratios may change with application use and frequency.

How often does Terra Vera need to be applied?

Application frequency depends on the crop and the purpose of treatment. For information on application and usage, please refer to our Safety and Usage Guidelines. During the onboarding process, our experts will work with your team to determine the appropriate treatment plans.

Can Terra Vera harm plants?

If not diluted properly or used under the appropriate environmental conditions, Terra Vera could potentially harm plants. For proper dilution information and environmental parameters, please refer to our Safety and Usage Guidelines.

Will the solution alter the plant biochemistry?

No, Terra Vera does not alter any plant biochemistry. Plant integrity is preserved.

Are there any by-products?

No, sprayed chemistry will degrade into inert salts and amino acids that are then absorbed by the plant as a supplement. Tested product will not have residual pesticides or heavy metals detected.

Does this change the pH of the Soil?

No, Terra Vera does not change the pH of the soil.

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