In response to COVID-19, Terra Vera is providing antimicrobial chemistry to hospitals and government agencies that are impacted by the widespread shortages.
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Technology for a Pesticide-Free World

Generate on-demand antimicrobial chemistry for plants and surfaces


Our Mission

Our team is committed to generating the most cost effective, microbial free crops possible while reducing the widespread use of pesticides. We strive to build consumer confidence and access to safe, organic, and high quality products.

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Platform Technology

Terra Vera’s on-site generators convert water, electricity, and a proprietary blend of salts and amino acids into an organic solution that inactivates many common pathogens (e.g. mold, powdery mildew, and viruses), but is safe for plants, people, and pets. Terra Vera's core technology has been used for decades in highly regulated markets.

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Plants & Surfaces

Giving businesses control of when and how they eliminate pathogens across their operations


Have a powdery mildew outbreak? Worried about losing your harvest? Having Terra Vera's on-site generator will enable you to act fast and preserve your crop's value.

Utilize Terra Vera's strongest chemistry to eliminate microbials without risk of pesticidal residue or harmful by-products.


Don't have any issues at the moment? We recommend adding Terra Vera as part of your integrated pest management process to prevent outbreaks and ensure compliant products.

Dilute our chemistry further to access its antimicrobial properties across all plant life stages.


Take control of your supply chain today and avoid shortages when it matters most. Protect your people and plants with an organic and non-hazardous solution.

Control microbes on surfaces, equipment, and HVAC without having to move your plants.

Targets viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Safe for plants and people.


Our proprietary blend of
salts and amino acids

On-site water

On-site electricity


NO changes to soil pH or biochemistry

NO by-products or hazardous inputs

NO pesticides or heavy metals


Turnkey equipment setup and minimal maintenance

Clean surfaces, rooms, and HVAC without moving plants

Eliminate storage and disposal of hazardous chemical containers

On-Site & On-Demand

Combine Terra Vera precursors with on-site water to a create a brine.

Electrolysis of the brine creates a reaction similar to an auto-immune response in the human body.

Resulting chemistries are versatile. The solution degrades into salts and amino acids that can be absorbed by the plant as a nutrition supplement.


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Delivery & Installation

We offer a fixed, weekly equipment lease for our on-site generators.

What to Expect:

  • Delivery and installation
  • Included: bi-annual maintenance and software upgrades

On-Site Training

Our Terra Vera expert will walk your team through the equipment and dilution ratios for your specific operations.

Onboarding Process:

  • Full day of training and Q&A
  • Written SOPs for future hires
  • How to troubleshoot in-house

Ongoing Partnership

We're here to protect what matters most: your crops, your people, and our environment.‍

Our Promise:

  • Virtual assistance within 24 hours
  • On-site visit within a week if needed
  • Early access to our newest products
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