Agriculture technology innovator Terra Vera has announced the launch of its Breezy Blue Response Fogger. Created in partnership with Build With Robots, an Albuquerque-based tech company specializing in robotic innovations for workers to increase safety and efficiency on the job, this fogger allows for smart automated disinfection and crop management applications–without harmful chemicals and synthetic fertilizers–powered by Terra Vera’s proprietary biomimicry technology solutions.
AgriBusiness Global recently spoke with renowned entomologist and honeybee health expert Dr. Jeff Pettis, technical advisor and industry consultant at Terra Vera. Pettis brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. In this session, he shares his expertise on the current challenges and advancements in the field of honeybee health.
Ahead of World Bee Day, which was May 20, crop management tech specialist Terra Vera has added a renowned entomologist to its staff.
Albuquerque-based agriculture technology company Terra Vera announced last week that renowned entomologist Jeff Pettis, who is an expert on honey bees, has joined the company.
“Through just a series of happy accidents, we found that we can control something called the Varroa mite, which happens to be the number one threat to bees, honey bees in the world.” Perea said
Agriculture technology innovator Terra Vera is proud to announce that Dr. Jeff Pettis, a renowned entomologist who specializes in apiculture and honey bee health, has joined the company as an advisor and industry consultant.
We had the good fortune of connecting with Carlos Perea and we’ve shared our conversation below.
Carlos Perea, founder and CEO of agtech company Terra Vera, shared with GreenState his hopes that farmers will keep cannabis pesticide-free for the bees.
The agriculture tech company’s mission is to protect crops from viruses and bacteria without using toxic pesticides that harm the environment and people’s health. Terra Vera’s brew mimics the human body’s way of fighting infections by converting organic compounds into an “antimicrobial solution” that is safe on pathogens
JP Clement, CEO and general manager of VARA Winery and Distillery, is thrilled to announce that Carlos Perea, CEO and co-founder of agriculture technology innovation company Terra Vera, has joined VARA’s board of directors.
AgriBusiness Global recently caught up with Darrin Potter, Director of Market Development for ag tech company Terra Verra.
Agriculture technology innovation company Terra Vera has entered a strategic partnership with Cultivation Structures (doing business as CSE Grow) to enrich its cannabis services.
Explore the beginnings of cannabis AgTech with Carlos Perea, CEO & Co-Founder of Terra Vera, as he shares insights into the company's journey and its mission to revolutionize agriculture.
Discover how Terra Vera's biomimicry technology is poised to transform agriculture by paving the way for more sustainable practices, reducing reliance on harmful chemicals and promoting environmental stewardship.
Learn about Terra Vera, an ag-tech startup based in Albuquerque, and its belief in the potential of a new market opportunity centered around sustainable agriculture and biomimicry.
Agriculture technology innovator Terra Vera has announced the launch of Brawndo TS, a portable system that utilizes the company’s proprietary biomimicry solutions for protecting crops and delivering nutrients - without harmful chemicals and synthetic fertilizers.
U.S - Agriculture technology innovator Terra Vera has unveiled Brawndo TS, a portable system designed to provide crop protection and deliver nutrients through proprietary biomimicry solutions.
As demand for sustainably grown produce increases, growers often face a dilemma. They may want to grow crops for this market but find that premiums for sustainably produced items may not be enough to match the added costs.
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Mixing old with new, a speakeasy in downtown Albuquerque doubles as a nonprofit, bringing together the bright minds in business too.
As demand for sustainably grown produce increases, growers often face a dilemma. They may want to grow crops for this market but find that premiums for sustainably produced items may not be enough to match the added costs.
Terra Vera is an agricultural tech company that helps farmers with integrated pest management (IPM) by creating activated amino acid pesticide and nutrient alternatives. Build With Robots, a robotics company that designs technology to improve indoor air quality and reduce the labor demands of disinfection is joining forces with Terra Vera to bring an innovative solution to the AgTech world.
Terra Vera has studied the effects of various antimicrobial solutions generated electrolytically using commonly available salts and amino acids when used on crops at various stages from propagation to post-harvesting.
An ag-tech startup that's pulled in investments from a prominent venture capitalist and a famous ice cream company co-founder was recently voted as this year's Inno Madness champion.
The Terra Vera (TV) technology which utilizes the electrolysis of naturally occurring food-grade amino acids and salts to destabilize molds may potentially exhibit antimicrobial activity when sprayed or fogged onto cannabis (or related agricultural) plants during growth from cloning, to veg, as well as post-harvest.
Like all plants, cannabis is often vulnerable to pathogens that can affect quality, purity and yield. As a grower, it’s important to be proactive in both the management and prevention of pathogens.
Other recent appointments to the advisory committee included Chris Walsh, director of sales and business development at Terra Vera.
Carlos Perea, CEO, and co-founder of agricultural tech company Terra Vera, sees the drive for sustainably-grown cannabis not unlike the boom in hybrid and electric vehicles.
SugarTop Buddery, a cannabis cultivator, processor, and distributor based in Eugene, Oregon, is determined to associate its brand with the same core values as the cultural revolution we saw in the mid-20th century.
Looking to cultivate its cannabis product in a non-toxic way, Eugene's SugarTop Buddery finds a partner in ag tech company Terra Vera
OR-based cannabis consumers will soon find Terra Vera-treated, SugarTop-cultivated products in dispensaries across the state
Even when shopping at a licensed adult-use or medical dispensary, consumers today still cannot be 100 percent confident that the cannabis they are purchasing is completely safe and free of contaminants and unwanted components, such as pesticides, harmful microbials, heavy metals, and solvents. With many consumers turning to cannabis for its health benefits, and because it’s a natural alternative to heavily processed pharmaceuticals, the cultivation process should honor cannabis’ medical use by being as safe and accountable as possible.
When most people think of the cannabis plant, typical buzzwords that may come to mind are “green” and “natural.” Unfortunately, this is not often the case. Without federal legalization and oversight, medical and adult-use states are left to create their own rules and regulations as they relate to cannabis cultivation and production. Not surprisingly, the standards vary wildly by state.
Cannabis cultivators face two critical microbial challenges: minimizing yield loss caused by pathogens and accessing antimicrobial solutions that are both safe and effective at inactivating viruses, bacteria, and fungi.
At Terra Vera, a Corrales, New Mexico-based agricultural technology company offering crop management solutions for marijuana and hemp, CEO Carlos Perea also weighs the cost of higher energy against paying workers a premium to work at night.
A legal, adult-use cannabis market in New Mexico stands to touch many industries and economic sectors across the state, but there's a lot to consider between now and that first sale in 2022.
As a part of our series about women who are shaking things up in their industry, I had the pleasure of interviewing Kathryn Radovan. Kathryn is the VP of Business Development & Strategy at Terra Vera, a revolutionary agricultural technology company founded to replace conventional pesticides that are damaging the environment and linked to serious health issues.


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