Terra Vera provides amino acid-based crop protection and nutrient products that improve the yields, safety, and sustainability of crop management.
SugarTop Buddery, a celebrated, family-owned Oregon-based cultivator, processor and wholesale distributor of “top grade tasty” cannabis flower and pre-rolls, is proud to announce a partnership with Terra Vera, an agricultural technology company offering innovative solutions to replace conventional pesticides and increase product safety and consumer confidence.
Terra Vera, a revolutionary agricultural technology company offering innovative and environmentally mindful crop management solutions, today announced it has closed a $2 million seed funding round, exceeding its original goal by an additional $500,000 or a 33% oversubscription.
"Our systems typically pay for themselves in a matter of months by replacing expensive, and often toxic, chemical treatments and by increasing yields. Safe and sustainable practices like Terra Vera also help business leaders create consumer confidence and build brand value."


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