About Us

We are changing the way agriculture eliminates pathogens for a safer and cleaner tomorrow.


Clean Crops & Clean Tech

Pesticide-Free World

US Agriculture is a $133 billion industry. Over 1 billion pounds of pesticides are sprayed annually to mitigate 20-25% average crop losses. Pesticides account for approximately 5% of total farm expenditures.‍

Microbial-Free Crops

According to the Environmental Working Group, approximately 70% of conventionally grown produce have traces of pesticides. Industries like cannabis lack access to EPA regulated solutions and lose up to 1/3 of crops to mold and other pathogens.


While pesticides can preserve a harvest, we can't ignore the adverse effects. Storage and improper disposal of these hazardous chemicals increase the risks of contaminating and harming surrounding soil, water, non-target plants, and animals.

Agriculture + Technology + Regulated Markets

Our Team

Carlos Perea


Extensive cannabis and technology experience, most recently COO of iAnthus responsible for establishing and scaling operations in 13 states.

BS ME from UNM, MBA from Stanford.

Justin Sanchez


10+ years of experience developing and applying technology to highly regulated water treatment markets.

BS and MS in Materials Science, MBA from MIT.

Kathryn Radovan


Experience in M&A, business planning, investments, and asset integration. 5+ years within legal cannabis. Early employee at iAnthus.

BA Economics from UChicago.

Darrin Potter

Horticulture Advisor‍

Expertise in scaling many commercial crops with 11+ years in legal cannabis and hemp. Helped developed cannabis regulations in several states, including CO and FL.

BS Biology of Plant Science from UCF.

Our Talented Crew