SugarTop Buddery Announces Partnership with Terra Vera

May 12, 2021
Press Release

Eugene, OR (May 12, 2021)SugarTop Buddery, a celebrated, family-owned Oregon-based cultivator, processor and wholesale distributor of “top grade tasty” cannabis flower and pre-rolls, is proud to announce a partnership with Terra Vera, an agricultural technology company offering innovative solutions to replace conventional pesticides and increase product safety and consumer confidence.

SugarTop Buddery will utilize Terra Vera’s on-demand, organic antimicrobial system to keep their 5,000 square foot indoor cultivation center free of contaminants, maximize their yield, and ensure the flower they produce remains clean and pure. Consumers will soon be able to find the array of premium SugarTop Buddery flower strains, as well as pre-rolls, treated by Terra Vera in licensed dispensaries across the state.

Consistently on the cutting-edge, SugarTop Buddery’s partnership with Terra Vera marks the debut of the latter’s technology and services to Oregon’s licensed cannabis market. Terra Vera currently operates in five additional states–California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and Florida. While many available products to control and eliminate crop pathogens use harsh toxins and pesticides, Terra Vera’s proven platform provides a non-toxic solution safe for growers, consumers, and the environment. The core technology, which is modeled after the U.S. military’s approach to treating drinking water to EPA standards, mimics humans’ natural biological process for fighting infections by converting organic, inert compounds into an antimicrobial solution that is safe on live tissue, yet effective at inactivating pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

The partnership between the sustainability-minded SugarTop Buddery and Terra Vera is a perfect fit, as the Oregon brand is known for its forward-thinking approach to crop management. As a brand founded by artists and musicians, SugarTop Buddery brings art and music into their garden every harvest. Coinciding with the passion for music honed by Co-founder Jarrod Kaplan, a percussionist who has toured internationally for over a decade, SugarTop Buddery’s cannabis buds are “serenaded” by various local and visiting musicians to curate an uplifting atmosphere for a successful grow. The plants are also soil-grown, hand-watered, and fortified with micro and macronutrients.

“SugarTop Buddery has prioritized innovative, non-toxic crop management solutions since our brand’s inception,” said Sugar Top Buddery CEO and Co-founder Anna Kaplan. “Teaming up with Terra Vera has taken our clean cannabis practices to the next level and will further strengthen our consumers’ confidence in the quality and purity of our products. We are proud to utilize a sustainable, environmentally mindful crop management solution that does not compromise the safety of our consumers, growers, and environment.”

SugarTop Buddery’s adoption is a significant milestone for the rapidly expanding Terra Vera, as Kaplan has a proven track record of success and advocacy in Oregon’s cannabis space. Kaplan sits on the Board of Directors of the Oregon Cannabis Association and works actively to empower women in business, serving as President to the local 501 C-6 Non-Profit Women Leaders in Cannabis. Kaplan was also the founding chapter leader of Eugene Tokeativity.

“Anna Kaplan and SugarTop Buddery are leading the charge for craft cannabis in Oregon, which is already one of the most well-respected licensed markets in the country with a strong track record of regulations and quality control,” said Terra Vera CEO and Co-founder Carlos Perea. “We are thrilled to be able to offer our services in the state, starting with our partnership with SugarTop Buddery. The decision that Anna made to partner with Terra Vera bolsters the fact that SugarTop Buddery cares deeply about sustainability, minimizing their environmental impact, and producing the safest, highest quality, pesticide-free cannabis for adult-use consumers and medical patients.”

About SugarTop Buddery

SugarTop Buddery is a family-owned and operated cultivator, processor and wholesale distributor located in Eugene, Oregon. SugarTop began in 2015 as a small indoor garden and was one of the first branded pre-rolls to launch in Oregon. We are proud to roll up our flower and community partner’s strains into our signature “bat” line of pre-rolls as well as a variety of Multi-Packs including our Community Packs and Good Smoke line. We also offer a variety of beloved strains from our garden including the coveted Lodi Dodi and Narnia. As a company founded by artists and musicians, our core values support the arts within the cannabis community. We believe art, music, and cannabis bring people together. Visit for more information and a full list of locations.

About Terra Vera

Terra Vera was founded to replace conventional pesticides that are damaging the environment and linked to cancer, Alzheimer’s, birth defects, and other serious health issues. Terra Vera is based on a patented technology that mimics nature’s auto immune systems by converting organic, inert compounds into an antimicrobial solution effective at inactivating many common pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, and fungi. It is completely safe for plants, people, and pets. The solution can be used to remediate and prevent pathogenic outbreaks that can damage or destroy crop value. At the same time, users are able to create a safer work environment, rely less on personal protective equipment, simplify operations, reduce waste, and increase control of key supply chains. The core technology carries a US EPA registration and has been used for decades by the US Department of Defense, US Department of Energy, and in many highly regulated markets across the world. Learn more about Terra Vera at and connect on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


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